I’m just a little wildflower, I bloom in the wilderness.

The sun’s rays keep me warm,
The gentle breeze, and dew drops-
Keeps me alive!

Oh! What a joy, to experience,
A peaceful, and beautiful life.

The multitude, praised me,
For my beauty.

They captured the moment,
When I’m at my prime.

But, don’t know how to show,
Their love towards me.

They plucked me!
Hold me in their hands,
Took pictures and then throw me away.

They left me there to die!
Little did they know,
How am I going to survive?
But, I’m just a little wildflower,
Waiting for my time to bloom.

To bloom and to enjoy the beauty,
Of nature, and of the world.

Well, happiness is everyone’s desire,
But, only few achieve it.

Only if the world would be kind enough,
I would have experienced it -
At least once in a lifetime.

But, I’m just a little wildflower,
And no one seems to understand!