She was just a little girl,
Living her life happily.
Her smile was brighter than the sun,
She’s got eyes of an adventurer.
She longs to travel the world,
Discover new places, learn new things.
Little did she know, her dreams-
Couldn’t be fulfilled.
Misfortune came her way,
Shattering all her dreams-
Making them only desires.
At a young age of sixteenth,
She had to faced the challenges.
She was diagnosed with a rare disease,
Her body became weak, her soul weary-
And her faith was shaken.
Hundreds of medicines,
Thousands of Physician-
Couldn’t make her feel at ease.
She became desperate in search for healing,
Her soul became uneasy, she wanted to die!
Lost all hope in becoming strong again.
She was in pain, she wept all day and night,
She believed that everything was not right.

Then, put your trust in God, her parents told her,
With Him all things are possible.
Days and nights, she started talking to God,
Her mind and soul became peaceful.
Her pain was lessen,
Her faith was not anymore shaken.
Unfortunately, she still live with the disease,
But believing in God’s ways.
She believed, that great things takes time!
Every single day, she’s living a life of-
Living with dying, due to her disease.
But never stop believing in the great Way’s of God,
She strongly believe, she will be healed!