I thought it would be easy,
It would be like buying a train ticket,
Unknowingly, you can’t sit in the first class seat.
Placed in between the third class,
The way is unfamiliar and the journey long.
Met so many strangers along the way,
Talk to some, became acquainted to none.
The train stop at some station,
A new journey began,
A new experience, met new faces,
Felt a little comfortable.
Exchange some conversation,
share some experience.
Yet, this journey was never meant to be fine,
At certain point, I have to get off.
Achieve so many good things,
Loss so many things along the way.
This journey has made me laugh,
And so it made me cry so many times.
This journey taught me how difficult life is,
This journey has made me strong.
It taught me to love oneself,
Not to be so selfless, cause
The world is filled with selfish ones.
Along the journey, and more to come,
Life taught me to believe in oneself, cause,
Life in itself is a humdrum affair.